About the Project

A General Plan is often described as the “constitution” that guides the development of a City. It establishes a vision for the future, as well as the policies and implementation measures that will help our community achieve that vision. It addresses land use, housing, open space, circulation, economic development, public services, infrastructure, emergency preparedness and community health, among other issues. It is the foundation on which all land use and regulatory decisions are made.

A comprehensive update of the Vallejo General Plan has not been completed in decades and today the Vallejo General Plan does not reflect the current and future goals, objectives and policies of our community. The General Plan Update process is an opportunity for us to create a vision for the kind of City we want and to take concrete steps toward making it a reality.

To envision a Vallejo that meets all of our needs, the City will be seeking ideas from everyone in the community at every step of the process. Community workshops, held at different times all over the City, will give residents a chance to directly share their goals and priorities with City officials and the project team. People who can’t attend the workshops in person can still involve themselves by participating in the online forum on the project website.

A General Plan Working Group, composed of appointees from different segments of the community, represents the people of Vallejo by guiding the planning process and advising the Planning Commission and City Council when there are key decisions that need to be made. This ensures that the General Plan will remain rooted in the vision and values of the community.

Updating our General Plan will involve:

Studying existing conditions and assessing current policy

This phase involves taking stock of the opportunities we have and the challenges we face as a community. It also involves assessing current policy to identify areas where focus is needed. Vallejo has engaged a team of consultants to complete this work and summarize the results for use in the next steps of the process.

Creating alternative development scenarios

Alternative scenarios allow us to think about the key areas where we want the City to grow, as well as the different options for land use and intensity that will help us meet our community wide goals. Using an interactive process, we will design three alternatives to consider.

Evaluating the scenarios and selecting a preferred alternative

City staff and the consultant team will evaluate the alternatives that the community has created to determine their impact on economic and fiscal costs and benefits, sustainability and public health, utilities and transportation infrastructure, and public services. This will help the community decide which scenario, or combination of scenarios, offers the most benefit.

Developing policies to implement the preferred alternative

When the community has chosen a preferred alternative scenario, the project team will develop a set of policies, programs, and actions that will help implement that alternative, as well as the overall vision and Guiding Principles of the General Plan. Policies are statements that will help guide City staff and officials in making decisions about projects and activities; programs and actions are specific tasks the City will develop and undertake.

Refining the Draft General Plan

The Draft General Plan is comprised of elements, or chapters, each addressing a specific topic through goals, policies, programs, and actions. The Plan will also include an implementation plan and measurements of success. Although the community will be involved in the Plan’s creation at every step along the way, the public release of the draft will provide community members, elected and appointed officials, and public agencies a formal opportunity to review and comment on the draft. The project team will address this feedback and incorporate it into the final General Plan.

The elements of Vallejo’s General Plan are: